• BCVA Rep

    Hi Everyone, 


    I'm Amy, and I'm going to be the national BCVA student rep for the upcoming academic year. I am currently in my fourth year studying veterinary medicine at the RVC.


    Whilst I'm not originally from a farming background, I have discovered a keen interest in and passion for farm medicine at uni, and especially during my EMS placements. I hope to move into mixed practice upon graduation, with a bias towards large animal work (and hopefully some poultry work too).


    If you have any queries regarding the British Cattle Veterinary Association - what you can gain by being a student member; what opportunities we can offer you; what we could offer to your regional FAVS - please feel free to contact me on StudentRep@bcva.co.uk 

  • 1. National President

    Rose Charnley – President

    My name is Rose, I am the new National FAVS president for this year. I am not from a farming background at all but got the farming bug bad when I was about 5 (much to my dad’s disappointment as the sea was supposed to be my calling), this resulted in me going to the local sheep farms to bottle feed which then progressed to working for them full time at the weekends , lambing, calving and shearing as an unpaid job by the time I was 10. This passion has not faded in the slightest and has caused me to drive towards inspiring others to realise what a wonderful world the farming industry is and that however much you put in you always get 100 times more back from it!


    My specific interests lie in Dairy Medicine, a fascination for me since the start of this degree, especially the repro side of the industry which is influenced by so many things, but the key to a successful dairy farm. One day I hope to be able to help every farmer improve production efficiency.


    I have always been one of those people with a love for life, often resulting in me doing far too much! As such a few of my interests are hockey, sailing, Young Farmers Club, sheep shearing, tutoring, walking and of course my pup “Rum”, yes the drink is a favourite too. With this in mind I would like to explain to you a few of my ideas for this year as president of FAVS.


    My aims with FAVS  is to help all the universities reach their full potential with practicals and interactive days etc as I have done here at Liverpool. I will also be concentrating on giving you all information for furthering your own careers with the new revamped website so you can explore any opportunities I have highlighted -the new EMS database, all practices have signed up to prioritising Farm Vet EMS for members of FAVS, along with Externship programs both in the UK and abroad; also for those coming to the end of their time at universities there is an adverts page with all the jobs and internships you as a farm vet would want to apply for! Ranging from totally Dairy Medicine practice to the original James Herriot’s Mixed Practice!!


    I am open to all ideas and if you have anything you think could help FAVS develop please do not hesitate to contact me and I hope I can persuade you all to see how amazing this industry is and how much we can do to help.

    Look forward to seeing you all at Congress!! (p.s. no excuses)


    Feel free to contact me on: nationalfavs@gmail.com

  • 2. National Treasurer

    National FAVS Profile:

    Mollie Rudd


    Hi everyone,


    My name is Mollie and I am a third year vet student at the University of Liverpool having previously completed a degree in animal science at Nottingham.


    My huge passion for pursuing a veterinary career with farm animals started from a very young age, having grown up on a small holding in North Yorkshire. I have been lucky to be involved with farming throughout my life and even have my own Pedigree flock of rare breed Oxford Downs.


    My main interests are dairy, pigs and sheep with herd health being a primary focus. My current research project involves working with farmers to tackle lameness problems around the time of calving. Other hobbies of mine include socialising with wide range of friends throughout the country and physical activities playing hockey, netball and Zumba®.


    I would love to inspire and motivate more students to become involved and attend FAVS events throughout the year, especially those who may not even think they are interested in farm animals because, after all they are the best animals to work with!


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I’d be more than happy to help! J


    Email: hlmrudd@liverpool.ac.uk

  • 3. National Secretary

    Hi everyone, my name is Leanne McNamara and I am the National Secretary for FAVS.

    Having grown up on a farm in the midlands of Ireland I have always had a passion for animals and agriculture.

    I am currently in fourth year of Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and previously completed a degree in Agricultural Science, specializing in Animal Science at University College Dublin (UCD). As well as being from a beef farm I have also lived on a dairy farm in New Zealand and sheep farm in Wales.

    In the past I have also worked for a genetics company and the Irish Farmers Journal. I aim to use my seat on the national committee to help students achieve their potential by connecting them with opportunities, placements and future jobs.

    As I also hold the position of RVC Farm Animal Clinical Club president I am looking forward to seeing the impact of national FAVS will have on regional committees and students.

    Please feel free to contact me at lmcnamara6@rvc.ac.uk

  • Nottingham President

    Nottingham President - Kaitlin Turnbill

    Hi everyone, I'm Kaitlin, a 4th year vet and I’m Nottingham’s FAVS co-ordinator 2018-19!


    Though I’ve just moved to Scotland, I was born and bred in East Yorkshire. My interest in farm work has been long standing but, as I’m not from a farming background originally, I’ve had to work hard to develop my knowledge and experience. Currently my interests lie in not failing my 4th and final year exams (!) but hopefully after graduation I can start in mixed practice before moving on to a more dairy fertility specialist role in the future.


    My overall goal as NFAVS co-ordinator this year is simply to encourage students (whether “farm-keen” or not) to experience and enjoy as many aspects of farm animal veterinary work as possible. To achieve this, I’m aiming to organise a wide range of thought-provoking, relevant and inspiring talks/practicals for all our members.

    If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at svykt@nottingham.ac.uk. I look forward to meeting you all at future FAVS events!

  • Edinburgh President

    Ailsa Mcmillan

    Coming from a hill cattle and sheep background in rural south west Scotland I have always been immersed in all things farm related and have a key interest in maximising production in all kinds of farmed ruminants and solving issues on farm that may prevent stock performing to their true potential.


    It has been wonderful to take up the post as president of the Edinburgh branch of FAVS (EFAVS). I hope to be able to allow our branch and the whole of FAVS to thrive. Our aims as a farm keen committee for EFAVS this year are to have talks and practicals that cover a broad spectrum of farm species that are important for all years. We hope to bring topical lectures discussing global sustainability of farming as well as other topical talks. We aim for each practical to allow members to consolidate key skills necessary for day one.


    If anyone has any questions or suggestions at all please don’t be afraid to pop an email over!


  • Liverpool President

    Liverpool President – Sam Richardson

    Hi guys. I hail from good old Yorkshire, which is how my passion for all things farm ignited many years ago.

    When I graduate, I am eager to work in mixed practice, with a bias towards farm animal medicine. My interests primarily lie in dairy and small ruminant health, and anything involving microbiology is a bonus. I also have an increasing interest in gamebirds and camelids.


    I am privileged to be the President of Liverpool’s Farm Animal Veterinary Society. This coming academic year is an exciting one as we are building on our traditional farm species days whilst pushing for greater species coverage. This allows our members to discover more about all farming enterprises, including camelids, gamebirds, goats, deer, bees (honey) and fish! We are also tackling important and relevant issues such as farmer wellbeing (emotional support) and rural crime.


    If you have any questions about LFAVS or the events we have lined up, please do not hesitate to contact me!



  • Surrey President


    Surrey President – Pippa White

    My name’s Pippa and I hold the joint presidency of the Surrey FAVS with Rhian Lewis. Growing up on a dairy and beef farm in Somerset I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the industry from a young age. Outside of vet school I enjoy showing our pedigree British Blues. Upon graduation I’m keen to work as a farm vet – with a particular interest in reproductive technologies and young stock health.


    So far at Surrey we have had some really engaging talks, varying from sheep nutrition, dairy cattle housing to lambing. Our aim over the next year is to get as many of the next incoming year involved as possible!



  • Bristol President

    Bristol President – Lowri Davies

    Hi Everyone,

    My name’s Lowri and I am the president of BFAVS and a self declared sheep fanatic!

    The idea of becoming a farm animal vet was sown quite early on, having grown up in the Welsh countryside and I hope to become a practicing mixed vet with a bias toward farm animal medicine after graduating next year.

    When I am not preparing my beloved Balwen flock of sheep for their next show, I enjoy playing netball, catching up with friends and supporting Swansea City Football Club despite their recent relegation!

    I am honoured to be the president of Bristol’s Farm Animal Veterinary Society, especially since we will be hosting the FAVS congress in February 2019. This academic year we aim to provide our members with monthly talks and practicals on useful areas of farm medicine as well as organising farm visits.


    If you have any questions about BFAVS or any of our activities please do not hesitate to get in touch!


    Email: ld14399@my.bristol.ac.uk

  • Glasgow FAVS President

    I’m Rachel, the co-president of GFAVS. I am going into 4th year in September and have been on the gfavs committee since I started vet school. I have a particular interest in sheep and have a small flock of my own which keep me busy in my spare time! I hope to go into mixed practice at home in Northern Ireland after I graduate. Feel free to contact me via email with any enquiries about gfavs2178162d@student.gla.ac.uk

  • Cambridge FAVS President

    My Name’s Koren and I am the president of CFAVS. I have always had aan interest in farm animal veterinary medicine spending most of my free time on the local farm. As well as vetty stuff I enjoy running and horse riding and having a good catch up with friends!

    My aims for CFAVS this year are to get the preclinical years more involved with farm related activities at the vet school and provide more accessible talks. I also want to get more people involved with farm related activities such as ultrasound scanning and using the haptic cow in the clinical skills centre to practice rectal examination.

    Contact me on - mailto:Kwm27@cam.ac.uk