National FAVS President 23-24

Kitty Smith - 4th Year, University of Nottingham

Hello, I’m Kitty a 4th year (September cohort) Vet student studying at the University of Nottingham and I am very excited to be working as President for the National Farm Animal Veterinary Society this year!

I am very excited to be working alongside the brilliant committee of this year. I’m looking forward to working across the Universities and promoting this society across year groups and their individual FAVS committees. This year as a committee we aim to provide extra teaching from leading farm vets from around the country bridging the gap between University teaching and working in practice.

I am keen on working as a farm vet in the future so hope as President I can help to inspire and work with other students towards this career. Away from University I am from East Sussex where I work on a dairy farm calf rearing!

Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

National FAVS Secretary 23-24

Jemma Young - 4th Year (April Cohort), University of Nottingham

HI I’m Jemma a fourth year Vet student in the April cohort at the University of Nottingham and I am your General Secretary for this year! I am so excited to carry on the work we started as a committee last year and see where the year takes us. 

I have grown up in rural Devon, surrounded by animals, alongside my Grandpa's stories of the farm he grew up on, and working on a dairy and sheep farm, I have fallen in love with everything farm. I would love to go into farm practice, near home in the south west once I have graduated, to live my dream. 

I am really looking forward to sharing the committees love of farm animal medicine with all current vet students, in the hope to inspire students to consider a job in farm animal veterinary, and make this career path even more accessible to anyone who wants to take it!

Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

National FAVS Treasurer 23-24

Rosie Clayton - 4th Year, University of Nottingham

Hi! My name’s Rosie, a 4th year (September cohort) at the University of Nottingham and treasurer for national farm animal veterinary society this year! 

This year I am really looking forward to working with the rest of the committee on projects, alongside helping to promote knowledge exchange between UK vet students and the profession, to help students to engage in a welcoming and supportive community around farm animal medicine. Keen on working as a farm vet after graduation, I’m very excited for what this next year of talks and events with the committee has to bring, being able to share the love for all things sheep and cows with likeminded individuals.

Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

National FAVS Junior Representative 23-24

Anya Taylor - 2nd Year (April Cohort), University of Nottingham 

Hi my name is Anya and I’m a second year from Nottingham vet school. I wasn’t raised in farming but went to a dairy farm for 2 weeks for some work experience before vet school and I haven’t been away from them since! In the future I want to work in large animal practice in the north west and eventually specialise in dairy.

I'm so glad for the opportunity to be junior representative this year, and alongside such a fab committee! I’m looking forward to meeting different farming representatives over my time in this role, as well as students from all different vet schools at congress, and hope I can inspire others from a less traditional farming background to not be put off a career in farm animal medicine.

Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

Contact Your FAVS Society:

Harper Adams and Keele University FAVS

  • President: Kathryn Sinclair , 4th Year Vice President: Ella Guimaraens, 3rd Year

  • Contact: hkfavs@outlook.com

Bristol University (UOB) FAVS  


Nottingham University (UON) FAVS 

  • President: Toby Spruce, 4th Year. Vice President: Alex D'Arcy, 4th Year

  • Contact: nottsfavs@gmail.com


Liverpool University (UOL) FAVS 


Royal Veterinary College (RVC) FAVS 


Surrey University FAVS 


University of Cambridge (UOC) FAVS 

  • Co - President: Rebekah Knights, 4th Year 

  • Co - President: Ellie Hardy, 4th Year

  • Contactcfavsociety@gmail.com


University College Dublin (UCD) FAVS 


University of Edinburgh (UOE) FAVS 


University of Glasgow (UOG) FAVS 

Aberystwyth University