How to become a member?

Who are FAVS? 

FAVS is a group for students from around the UK and Ireland who have an interest in pursuing a career in farm animal veterinary work.

Our aim is to provide extra teaching, trips and information for students who want to go into farm practice, and to bridge that gap that inevitably occurs between what we’re taught in lectures and working in real life practice. We hold and annual congress each year, providing practicals and lectures by leading farm vets from around the country.

Each year FAVS Congress is held at a different University, since the inaugural Congress in 2012, as follows:

2012 - Cambridge

2013 - RVC

2014 - Bristol

2015 - Nottingham

2016 - Edinburgh

2018 - Glasgow

2019 - Bristol

2020 - Nottingham

2022 - Edinburgh

2023 - Bristol

We hope to encourage more veterinary students to take the path of becoming a large animal vet, and provide further opportunities to those who already have it as their aim. Fewer veterinary graduates are choosing farm work as their career choice, but the need for farm vets is not dwindling. By supporting students with a farm veterinary orientation, we hope contribute positively to the profession and therefore the agricultural industry.

How can you become a member? 

By joining your universities FAVS, you will automatically become a member of National FAVS! We will generate a login for you and alert you via email, meaning you will be able to access the 'members' only section of the site and get access to resources, EMS opportunities, Job Advertisements & More. 

Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com for any further enquiries.