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Welcome to Glasgow Farm Animal Veterinary Society!

GFAVS is for any vet student who is interested in farm animal work and wants to learn more than is taught in lectures. Our aim is to bring a variety of farm animal based practicals and interesting presentations to the vet school, both pre-clinically and clinically focussed. Guest speakers are always happy to answer questions and offer a great chance to explore the exciting unseen parts of farm practice!
In the last few years we have hosted many a zoom presentation ranging from calf BRD to career panels with newly qualified vets! The presentation from Dr Sotirios Karvountzis at Mendip Vets was particularly interesting. He discussed the developing method of laparoscopically treating LDAs in dairy cattle, something which may become the norm in time! The learning isn’t reserved for zoom or the lecture halls! In march of 2021 we visited the Highland Wagyu Farm in Perthshire, the largest producer of Fullblood Wagyu cattle in the UK. This was a great way for people of all backgrounds to see something different and ask any questions directly to the farmer.
As a society, all we aim for is to spread a bit of our enthusiasm for farm animal practice and work to the newest batch of vets. We organise these talks and activities so that you can find out something new about the best side of vet practice, the farm animals! If you think you know it already and want to test us or whether you don’t even know what a cow looks like, we’d love to show you what we can offer.

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