• Lahra H-B - Secretary

  • Jenn Shuttleworth - RVC FAVS Rep

  • Emily Barlow - RVC FAVS Rep

  • Rhys Hopkins - Nottingham FAVS Rep

  • Graeme Hutchison - Liverpool FAVS Rep

  • Amelia Lynch - Glasgow FAVS Rep

  • Alice Llewellyn - Edinburgh FAVS Rep

  • John Donlon - President

    My name is John I’m a fourth year student in UCD and the current Auditor (President) of UCDFAVS. I come from a dairy farm in Co. Clare, Ireland. Last year I helped establish FAVS in UCD and its been one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s allowed me to really get involved in the strong and enthusiastic farm vet community in UCD. I have some experience in research and hope to continue my involvement when I qualify. I want to help build a strong and supportive farm animal veterinary community so if you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to contact me at John.donlon@ucdconnect.ie.

  • Olivia Turley - UCD FAVS Rep

    My name is Olivia and I am a graduate entry 3rd year student at UCD. I was raised in Canada, but love learning and enjoying veterinary medicine on this side of the pond! I came over without the slightest inclination of becoming a farm animal vet, but after my first year I was won over by the farm animal community and decided to become as involved as possible. First step was participating, and now coordinating the UCD branch of FAVS along with a great team. I look forward to developing networks, and meeting new people with a similar passion for farm animal medicine.

  • Ed Pilkington - Cambridge FAVS Rep

  • Nia Jones - Bristol FAVS Rep

  • Ben Barber - Graduate Adviser

  • Ali Nicholls - Treasurer

  • Pippa White - Surrey FAVS Rep