The Cambridge Farm Animal Veterinary Society was formed in 2011 by a group of students with an interest in farm animal medicine. The society aimed to provide resources for students within Cambridge i.e. top tips for EMS placements, links to industry, clinical clubs. CFAVS also felt there was a need for a extra-curricular event which provided CPD for students interested in farm animal medicine.

The CFAVS congress was held in 2012 at Cambridge- selling out in a week with representatives attending from all of the veterinary schools and leading industry practices and providers.

A precident had been set and the national interest in farm animal medicine and congress led to the formation of FAVS in 2012.

As a consequence there is now a farm animal veterinary society within each of the UK veterinary schools and representatives from each meet four times a year (phone conferences etc) to pool ideas and provide a continual forum for students with an interest in farm animal medicine. FAVS now hosts an annual congress which moves around the UK.

Emily Gascoigne 2015