• FAVS Committee 2017 - 2018

    Congratulations to the new members of the 2017 - 2018 FAVS commitee! You can read more about the full committee here.










    (Left to right: Ben Barber, Graduate...

  • FAVS 2017 Committee Nominations NOW OPEN

    Calling all vet students!

    Farm keen? Want to get involved in the national Farm Association of Veterinary Students AND BE PART OF THE NATIONAL FAVS COMMITTEE?

    The following positions are available:
    - President
    - Secretary
    - Treasurer
    - Graduate Adviser*

    (*The adviser will ideally be a graduate, all other positions will be filled by vet students).

    !! Don’t miss out // Get involved!!

    DEADLINE: Wednesday 25th January 2017


  • TB: Do Deer Deserve a Second Look?

    Alec Kemp (Cambridge) briefly asks if British deer have received enough attention in the TB debate.

    AS the latest phase of badger culls come to an end, the ‘TB debate’ is raging again. The value of these culls might be hotly contested – and here is not the place for that discussion – but the evidence incriminating badgers in the spread of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is clear. Has our obsession with the badger, however, blinded us to a far wider...

  • FAVS Newsletter Christmas 2016


    WELCOME to the second FAVS newsletter. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, on everything from silage analysis to life as a vet down under – it’s another packed issue!

    Please do get in touch if you would like to offer anything for the next newsletter.

    Alec Kemp (atk24@cam.ac.uk)


  • Calving Season in New Zealand

    Iain Brady (Liverpool) reflects on his summer spent calving in New Zealand and the quirks of the ‘New Zealand System’.

    FROM the middle of July until the middle of September this year I was very fortunate to spend my summer holidays completing a calving season on the North Island of New Zealand. Having grown up on a dairy farm in Ireland and having worked on and seen a number of different systems in the UK I had always dreamed of the...

  • The Differences between Farming in New Zealand and the UK

    Yasmin Ford and Kelly Jarvis (Nottingham) reflect on their experiences of doing a third year research project in New Zealand.

    AS part of our third year at Nottingham, we have to undertake a research project and Kelly and I were lucky enough to end up doing ours in New Zealand. Everyone hears about New Zealand farming at home and how wonderful it is. What we didn’t realise before we came was how different it was going to end up being as well...

  • Ministry vets – a waste of public money or saviours of the farming industry?

    Ciona Smith (Bristol) recently spent a week on EMS at the APHA and answers that all too familiar question – ‘what do ministry vets really do?!’.

    AS a farm enthusiast and future (hopefully!) farm vet, I thought it would be a great idea to get a week experience with the APHA lab in Carmarthen. I had visions of hacking away at post mortem (PM) specimens, finding all sorts of pathologies and coming up with diagnoses of pericarditis and liver...

  • European Commission Conference for Veterinary Students

    In the wake of the EU referendum, Robert Somerwill (Nottingham) recounts his trip to the EC Conference for Veterinary Students.

    IN 2015, I was fortunate to be selected to go to Brussels to see the inner workings of the European commission and get involved in a seminar for vet students from Universities all over the EU and beyond.
    For me, the trip was an eye-opener in 3 respects.

    Firstly, I was able to engage and make good friends...

  • A World of Opportunity!

    Liz Cresswell (Nottingham Graduate) graduated from Nottingham in 2014. Here she shares her experiences of life as a vet down under! 

    ONE of the great things about being a vet is that there are animals in most places, and where there are animals there will always be a need for vets! This makes it a fantastic career to incorporate work and travel.

    After graduating I completed a farm animal internship in the UK, and then decided it was...