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Here at Liverpool we are trying to increase the awareness of the farm animal veterinary profession, particularly to those who have not had much other experience on farms, other than during PCEMS and EMS. We know that there are plenty of opportunities with working with livestock and it our hope to make people more aware of these by putting on talks, farm visits and practical sessions such as “how to calve a cow” to (hopefully) prepare the oblivious student for EMS. Clinical scenarios aren’t often taught at Liverpool until the fourth year and so for the younger years that have not been on many farms it can be quite daunting when first on EMS and so talks we run alongside the main student society hopefully provide an insight into the workings of agriculture.

Liverpool has two working farms; Wood Park Farm and Ness Heath. Wood Park is a dairy farm with Ness Heath predominantly beef and sheep. We are hoping to utilise these for stock judging competitions so people can look for different attributes of the respective breeds and recognise the difference between a good cow and a bad cow so if they are asked their opinion on placements, they can answer confidently with a good base level knowledge!

Set up in 2012 as a branch of LUVS to help establish more farm-based events, LFAVS went to Congress at the RVC in 2013 and there has been a good demand for the tickets for Bristol 2014.

If you are interested in becoming one of the LFAVS reps and think you could make a difference to the students at Liverpool then please get in touch with one of us (details below).

Liz and Dan

Elizabeth Harries: xp0u907b@liverpool.ac.uk Dan Robertson: xp0u0041@liverpool.ac.uk

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