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The RVC team started the new academic year by raising a lot of new interest with the intake of freshers. The annual RVC Farm symposium was run on the weekend of 27th October.

A morning of lectures including:

  • Lameness for the New Grad by Sophie Mahendran. Giving all who attended a good basis in the assessing and treating lameness in the individual cow
  • Why are Cows Sad - Pain and Welfare by a spokesperson from Metacam who discussed the philosophy behind pain and the benefits of treating it. Some interesting points were rasied particulalry around farmers and vets perceptions on pain.
  • Infectious Diseases in Cattle by Richard Booth. Including some current perspectives on BVD, Johnes, Lept and IBR and how best to combat them on farm.

The afternoon then consisted of a foot trimming practical using dead legs, giving students an opportunity to practice their 5 Step Method.
The RVC team is also under the process of electing its new committee, good luck to all who have placed themselves forward.

At the start of January one of our cows Flo calved giving us a new bull calf Hamish. 

The annual trip to the Hertfordshire show was a great success this year with our homebred bull Monty winning male champion and reserve breed champion. We also did well in the other classes coming 2nd in the native breed pairs as well as collecting a good haul of rosettes for third and fourth. 

RVC News

Fantastic opportunity to steward at BCVA Congress 2016

20th - 22nd October 2016
At Hinckley Island Hotel, Leicestershire

At the start of January one of our cows Flo calved giving us a new bull calf Hamish.